Made For Humans. By Humans.

Kairos is a multichannel artisanal luxury boutique curated with a conscious eye for the products that are made with love, passion and good intent. 

We are an experiential boutique which carries everything for the modern day gyspy nomad. 

Curated with a discerning eye the boutique creator, Lyric Band, has sourced products from all over the globe. 

We believe that life takes place in the present moment and carries a special gift created through positive energy. This belief carries into the selection of goods Kairos stocks. The belief is that when you wear a garment or use a product created from passion and love you then take on this form of energy and it is projected into your third dimensional world around you. 

Kairos is a greek word which means the perfect opportune time; the time is now. We hope to create an unforgettable shopping experience in which you lose track of time and create more magical moments in your life through the beautiful products we carry. We hope to create serendipity in your life. 


With sincere love and gratitude,



an earthling apothecary 

est. 2018 



“the present moment is a gift, may we all learn to treat it as such.”
— Lyric Band