Plant Protein + Gut Food
Plant Protein + Gut Food
Plant Protein + Gut Food

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Plant Protein + Gut Food

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Protein is important stuff - it’s the building block to every cell in our bodies, supporting the immune system, hair, skin, nails and muscle repair. Our light blend of organic pea + hemp protein is totally food-based, making it easy to digest and absorb. Formulated without flavourings, thickeners or binders, it delivers all nine essential amino acids and the same amount of protein as two eggs. We know the importance of a happy gut, so we’ve fortified our blend with prebiotic inulin and a 15 billion strain probiotic.


1 tablespoon = 2 eggs 

  • Mix into a shot with water or
  • Stir into almond milk or
  • Add to smoothies or
  • Combine with yoghurt. 

Take any time of the day or night. For muscle repair, aim to take within 30 minutes of exercise. Tailor with a Booster.

Dosage : 1 tablespoon / 15g daily.


Yellow pea protein powder, hemp powder , Inulin - a prebiotic fibre derived from chicory, Probiotic Lactospore Powder 15 billion (Bacillus coagulas).

Made in the UK 

Free from thickeners, binders, flavourings (natural + synthetic).


‘ With the addition of probiotics and Inulin, this formula was exactly what I needed to help boost energy, regulate my gut and get my body on track. I quickly noticed after a few days that I had a nice boost of energy.  I wasn't bouncing off the walls, but I felt better. I wasn't as down by 1pm like I used to be. I began to have a more regular bathroom break and overall I just felt more awake’ - From The Bullet

“These guys will fill the gaps in your grudgingly responsible, occasionally alarming diet. - Marie